Unapologetic feminists talk about patriarchy in films


Trying to pose at Princes Bridge. Photography by Michael Bell. Used with permission.

Hi, I am Dilpreet Kaur and welcome to Lights, Camera, Patriarchy.

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Melbourne, where I am pursuing Masters in Journalism. Stories I want to produce fall under the radar of societal space, or lack thereof, for women empowerment. You can find more about my journey in media here.

With a special interest in films and multimedia, I am working towards professional reporting and documentary film making, specially on and about feminism and existence of patriarchal norms in the media.

Films make a big part of media consumption. Patriarchy is embedded in movies to such an extent,  that we watch them with their glorious sexist content and without realizing it, normalize every bit.

From lesser pay than male actors, to being victims of stereotypes, one movie after the other, female actors/characters are often a decorative ornament in films all around the globe.

Despite their hard work and dedication towards the craft, their worth is often looked over, and worse still, they are not given equal credit for successful cinema, either.

This blog aims at calling out misogynistic disturbances in new and old cinema and maybe help you get over your white-guy-with-blue-eyes crush when you see he is just another entitled male character.

Get ready for lots of rants from yours truly about how no director’s cut can actually trim feminism.

We have had enough of “she is playin’ with you”, “Ah she doesn’t mean to say no” and “I know you want me gurl”.

Ugh, no, we don’t.

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